DICOM Gateway Networks

The DICOM/PACS Router Model DR71 as a stand-alone system or as a component of an image acquisition and transmit system, allows seamless integration of DICOM compliant modalities with IOC Teleradiology or image distribution networks. As a Storage Service Class Provider, it accepts “pushed” images from DICOM modalities for immediate transmission to remote terminals for display in "at console" quality or for storage on a local server or to a PACS. Communications options include modem connections via standard phone lines or ISDN lines; LAN, WAN or Internet network connections via IOC Sockets. For Internet or other unsecured network connections IOC Sockets technology provides data encryption and user authorization features.

Note: The exact method of pushing images to the IOC DICOM Router is determined by the modality manufacturer.

Compatible with any DICOM Modality or PACS system
IOC DR71 Router systems can accept images “pushed” from DICOM modalities for transmission to a remote ViewStation or WorkStation or for storage on a local server. Any modality, Any manufacturer.

DICOM output for film scanners reading centers
IOC DR72 Router enabled image acquisition and receive systems can “push” images into any DICOM archive, workstation or PACS system.

Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression™
Dramatically reduces the amount of data that must be transmitted by use of advanced Wavelet compression algorithms designed specifically for medical images, not industrial applications.

On-line Support
Built-in software for extensive configuration, diagnostics and application support.

The Model DR72 Router provides the capability to move images from remote sites into a DICOM workstation, archive or PACS system at a central location. At the remote sites, images can be acquired with low cost teleradiology system components and transmitted over Broadband Internet network connections. Systems can be configured to receive from multiple sites simultaneously. Patient demographic data entry is fully configurable to meet requirements of the archive or PACS system. Received images can be redirected to one or more DICOM destinations as required. The DR72 Router component is also available on all Images-on-Call Film DigitizerStations providing DICOM output capability.

IOC DICOM Router systems feature Images-on-Call’s proprietary Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression™. Advanced algorithms are used to reduce the amount of data that must be transmitted while minimizing the impact on image quality. Transmission quality levels range from lossless data compression, to Wavelet compression options for the highest speed transmission. Wavelet compression options are optimized for each type of image transmitted to take best advantage of the available bandwidth.