Film Digitizers

The Images-on-Call Film DigitizerStations make scanning of standard radiographs and transmission of the digital images to remote sites quick and convenient. The Film DigitizerStations consist of twelve bit film scanners and IOC FrameStore computers that control the scanners and transmit the images.

Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression™
Dramatically reduces the amount of data that must be transmitted by use of advanced Wavelet compression algorithms designed specifically for medical images, not industrial applications.

Images-on-Call Software Drivers
Utilizes exclusive Images-on-Call software drivers, optimizing scanner output.

DICOM Storage
Images can optionally be stored to a DICOM or PACS archive.

On-line Support
Built-in software for extensive configuration, diagnostics and application support via network or phone lines.


The film scanners are used in clinical imaging applications - teleradiology, image distribution, archiving and film copying.

To transmit images, the technologist enters the patient’s name and any additional demographic or historical data requested. Patient demographic data entry is fully configurable to meet the requirements of a DICOM archive or PACS system. Other information such as imaging site, image source, and date and time are automatically transmitted with each image. Once this information is entered, the operator positions the film on the input tray and presses the enter key to initiate the scan. The rest is automatic. The film is scanned in one pass and then automatically mapped to an optimized 12 bit grayscale image for transmission. No operator adjustments to the image contrast and brightness are required. The processed image is then moved to the FrameStore computer. The next film can be scanned as soon as the previous film feeds out of the scanner.

Once the first film has been scanned, automatic transmission to either a remote site or a local network destination begins. No operator action is required. The FrameStore system automatically connects to the remote destination and begins image transmission while additional images can be scanned. Communication options include modem connections via standard phone lines or ISDN lines; LAN, WAN or Internet network connections via IOC Sockets and DICOM out to an image archive or PACS system. For Internet or other unsecured network connections, IOC Sockets technology includes data encryption and user authorization features.

The Film DigitizerStation features Images-on-Call proprietary Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression™ to take full advantage of the available image transmission bandwidth. Advanced Wavelet compression algorithms can be used to dramatically reduce the amount of data that must be transmitted while minimizing the impact on image quality. Transmission quality levels are preprogrammed into the Handheld Controller and range from lossless data compression to Wavelet compression options for the highest speed transmission.