Image Quality

Images-on-Call is known throughout the teleradiology industry for producing the highest quality images available. While other vendors make every attempt at producing the reference quality images Images-on-Call is known for, few ever come close. Teleradiology image quality may be defined in the following way: Images produced in a hospital are of a known quality and the image should remain “true” through the process of acquisition, encryption, compression, transmission, decryption, and decompression on the receive side. Images-on-Call ViewStation Software sets the standard for Teleradiology image review. The ViewStation software utilizes exclusive Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression producing images that rival the original, while transmitting in significantly less time than competitor’s products, with or without a VPN.  Images on call takes HIPAA very seriously as well, and has the documentation to show the commitment is strong! See this Aunt Minnie article for more interesting information on lossy image compression.