We offer a definitive line of teleradiology, image networking products, and PACS Accessories that exceed the standards set by the top medical professional organizations.

  • Film Digitizers – Multi-tasking systems that capture and digitize diagnostic images from film.  We offer the easiest, most intuitive, film digitizing software on the market.  Purchased with a new Vidar film digitizer, or as a replacement to software purchased elsewhere to drive a film digitizer you currently have.
  • DICOM Router Networks – Capture images from any DICOM Modality at “console” quality and transmit to remote terminals.
  • Viewing Software – ViewStation7, QuickView Browser, and ViewBrowser Software that allow access and viewing of stored images either locally or remotely.
  • DICOM Private NetworkTM (DPN) DICOM Router Software - Software that provides site interconnectivity (with or without a VPN) offering the most secure, HIPAA compliant, solution on the market.

Overview –

The Rapid Transit of Diagnostic Imaging
Images-on-Call technologies are designed to electronically transmit, radiological and diagnostic images generated by diagnostic imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and X-ray. IOC manufactures Plain Film Scanning Systems for capturing images from film, DICOM Router systems and the servers and software required to transmit and view images over a network.

While Images-on-Call Teleradiology Systems were initially designed to allow on-call physicians to have immediate access to images during off-hours from their homes or offices, hospitals and radiology groups are now utilizing the capabilities of these systems for many other applications.  IOC software and systems are easily adaptable to technologies in the Healthcare Enterprise such as PACS.  Often, IOC writes software that is far more intuitive and useful for technologists than software that typically comes from large PACS vendors.

Additionally, many radiologists use teleradiology to expand their referral base by extending their presence to remote hospitals and clinics that in turn can offer greater specialization and expertise to their patients.