IOC QuickView Key

Housed on a miniature portable drive, the IOC-QuickView Key™ launches the Images-on-Call QuickView™ software with two mouse clicks.  At your command, the software connects to the user’s Images-on-Call image network database via the Internet.  After selecting a patient, the images are downloaded and stored directly on the IOC-QuickView Key™, never on the hard drive of the host computer offering the highest level of Security and Patient Confidentiality. Once the radiologist has completed their image viewing with the QuickView™ software, the radiologist can clear all image data from the IOC-QuickView Key™.  The next time the radiologist inserts the IOC-QuickView Key™, any remaining images can optionally be automatically deleted.  This feature alone makes Images-on-Call™ the most HIPAA compliant remote image viewing teleradiology solution on the market today.