System Architecture...

  • Self restoring after power or phone line failures, images always transmit, without technologist intervention.
  • Simultaneous acquire and transmit (even while transmitting a previous study).
  • Fully DICOM compliant systems plus the first DICOM Gateway for Teleradiology applications.
  • Scalable systems from a single PC Image Workstation to a MiniPACS Network.
  • Support for industry standard plain film digitizers.
  • Systems designed to allow multiple tasks on single machine.  For example, it is possible to do both film scanning and DICOM acquiring on a single combination unit.
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA architecture standards for patient security.
  • Meets or exceeds the ACR Standard for Teleradiology.
  • Dial-In or Internet access to systems for maintenance, software upgrades, and programming.
  • Network Engineers specifically trained in teleradiology and image distribution configure your system to meet the needs of the Healthcare Enterprise.
  • Time Tested - like no other teleradiology vendor in the industry.
  • The Benchmark for Teleradiology Technology, since 1987.