Toll free telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (for an annual fee).

Experienced, Qualified Experts
Technicians familiar with all Images-on-Call hardware and software.

Minimize Downtime
Experts available every hour of every day.

On-line Support
Most IOC hardware has built in software for diagnostics and application support via phone lines or the Internet.

For remote help with a computer which was not supplied by Images-on-Call, contact support at 888-667-5999 Option 1 and when instructed, click on the link below.

Help Desk

At Images-on-Call, we don't expect problems, but sometimes they do occur. To keep your equipment downtime to a minimum, we provide IOC HelpLine 24/7 Tech Support. With a toll free call you will be connected with experts knowledgeable in all of IOC’s technologies and the most common operator errors.

Our technicians are familiar with the troubleshooting of system errors, including Hand-held Controller errors, Modem and other communications errors, Film DigitizerStation issues (jammed film, etc.) and DICOM Gateway errors. They can also assist with programming new or changed destination information and answer questions regarding the use of Images-on-Call ViewStation software.

All of this service is available through the purchase of an annual contract. 

Although many issues can be resolved over the phone, Helpline 24/7 Tech Support cannot provide resolution of hardware failures, installation of a new modality or configuring a new PC or receive site. These and other issues will be resolved as quickly as possible during normal business hours.

For More Support Information, please contact:
888-667-5999, x1