Images-on-Call is at the forefront of teleradiology technology and we are dedicated to remaining in that capacity through our commitment to research and development of new applications and by expanding the capabilities of our existing systems.  IOC will continue to integrate systems into PACS as accessories to enhance the PACS enterprise.  IOC will further continue to advance "place to place" networking via the advanced features found in our exclusive DICOM Private NetworkTM (DPN) DICOM Router Software (Host and Client).

While Images-on-Call Teleradiology Systems were initially designed to allow on-call physicians to have immediate access to images during off-hours from their homes or offices, hospitals and radiology groups are now utilizing the capabilities of these systems for many other applications.  IOC software and systems are easily adaptable to technologies in the Healthcare Enterprise such as PACS.  Often, IOC writes software that is far more intuitive and useful for technologists than software that typically comes from large PACS vendors.

Additionally, many radiologists use teleradiology to expand their referral base by extending their presence to remote hospitals and clinics that in turn can offer greater specialization and expertise to their patients.

Advanced Features
Images-on-Call system components have advanced features, many of which are not found on competing systems. These include:

  • High level of compatibility with modality hardware and systems
  • Unrivaled ease of use, installation and configuration
  • Fully pipe-lined image transmission, reception, and viewing
  • Encrypted image communication for HIPAA security
  • Unmatched cine image display capabilities
  • Exclusive Controlled Quality Wavelet Compression
  • Remote system diagnostics, programming, and servicing