Image Review Software

ViewStation7 DICOM Viewing Software Features 


  • Optimized for Windows7 64 bits
  • Runs under the following 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS: Windows 7 (Business or Ultimate), Windows Vista (Professional or Ultimate), Windows XP Professional
  •  DICOM Storage Service Class Provider (can receive images directly from modalities, PACS, or any other entity serving as a DICOM Storage Service Class User)
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve (can query a remote device directly to locate and download images)

Display Features

  • Hanging protocols are fully customizable
  • Scout/reference lines are configurable
  • Mouse Right Click provides fast access to tools
  • Adjust the image window and level, or choose a window/ level preset. For nuclear medicine, invert or add false color to the image by changing the color lookup table.
  • True Cine Display and Control - set the frame rate and direction of a cine study
  • Auto cine for motion series
  • Multiple CLUTs per screen
  • Image Flip & Rotate
  • Define layout on the fly
  • Tabbed display pages
  • Hotkeys and context-generated popup menus
  • Maximizes screen real estate for image display
  • Rapidly scroll forwards and backwards through a series of static images with the stack command.
  • Compare images from multiple series, or old and new studies, or even two different patients.
  • Manipulate a single image, or lock the controls to adjust an entire series of images.

Data Management

  • Fully annotated database
  • Mark studies as read
  • Can display unread studies only
  • Series oriented
  • Accommodates more than 1000 images per series
  • Customizable columns
  • Can be sorted by any column or combination of columns
  • Native DICOM file format
  • Drag/drop onto the app window or double-click to select
  • Display multiple exams, series, or patients
  • Burn studies to CD

Watch the VS7 Demo Video (no audio)